About Us

We are a Kenyan social enterprise that offers affordable, practical and reliable cold chain solutions to rural, off-grid and underserved communities.

Our Mission

To bridge the cold chain gap, affordably and sustainably for all rural and offgrid populations.

Our Vision

Resilient African communities with 100% access to cold chain solutions.

Our Core Values


We embrace creativity and ground-breaking ideas to drive positive change, shaping a better future through progressive solutions.


We believe in equipping individuals with knowledge and resources to create meaningful impact, fostering growth and self-determination within communities.


We are committed to eco-conscious practices, preserving resources for a greener, sustainable world for present and future generations.


We unite diverse perspectives and expertise to achieve common goals, fostering synergy and creating a stronger, more inclusive community.


We overcome challenges with determination, learning from adversity and finding strength to emerge even stronger.


We advocate for fairness and inclusivity, supporting social justice, and embracing diversity for a more just and equal society.

OUR team


A trailblazer fused with ingenuity, Norah actualizes her entrepreneurial flame as Co-founder and CEO of Drop Access. This multi-laureled social entrepreneur integrates her discerning lens to pioneer technologies that chant the rhythm of sustainable development.

Norah Magero

With visionary dexterity, James synthesizes domains as Co-founder and CTO of Drop Access Limited, orchestrating innovations that remedy healthcare challenges. His mechanical engineering foundation, managerial mastery, and inventive spark compose breakthrough solutions.

James Mulatya

Core team

As Assistant Electronics Technician, Fransisca fuses her engineering passion, objective mastery, and inventive spark to choreograph the melody of excellence at Drop Access. Her electrical engineering background empowers Fransisca to orchestrate innovations that uplift healthcare access.

Francisca Mweu

Eliazar interweaves engineering ingenuity, objective mastery, and inventive spark as Assistant Electronics Technician, composing innovations that uplift healthcare access. His renewable energy background empowers him to choreograph the rhythm of excellence at Drop Access.

Eliazar Keya

Samuel synthesizes academic depth and engineering dexterity as Assistant Production Technician, composing healthcare innovations at Drop Access. His biomedical foundation empowers him to integrate inventive solutions that chorus the melody of shared success.

Samuel Okioro Nyabiba

With managerial dexterity, Norah cultivates stakeholder unity and portfolio growth as Administrator and Projects Manager at Drop Access. Harmonizing 6+ years of experience, she choreographs operational excellence to serenade inventive progress.

Norah Kawira

Intern pool

James cultivates excellence as Intern at Drop Access, harmonizing his passion for uplifting organizational success. Pursuing project management at JKUAT synthesizes his inventive spark, empowering him to pioneer visions that optimize enterprise growth.

James Mburugua

With environmental ingenuity, Sharlin cultivates sustainable change as intern at Drop Access Limited. She actualizes inventive ideas that serenade a thriving future, fusing her background in Environmental Science with the company’s visionary ethos.

Sharlin Mugo

Ivonne cultivated excellence during her 2022 Drop Access internship, integrating her electrical engineering ingenuity to choreograph innovative visions. She pioneered electronics solutions that harmonized with the company’s inventive spark.

Ivonne Ailah Omondi

Gordon actualizes efficiency and ingenuity as Drop Access intern, orchestrating programs that accelerate organizational success. He is experienced in software developing which synthesizes mathematical mastery and coding dexterity to compose inventive solutions.

Gordon Ouma

Adeline cultivates excellence during her internship at Drop Access, integrating her biomedical engineering ingenuity to explore innovative visions. She will research the VacciBox's effectiveness and pioneer electronics solutions that harmonize with the company's inventive spark. Her background in Biomedical Engineering and plans to pursue a Msc. in Biorobotics empower her to choreograph inventive improvements.

Adeline Visser

OUR Board members

C-Suite, NGO Representative

Naomi Wambugu

Board Chair

Fundraising, Investments, Finance and Cleantech

Ivy Macharia

Board Member

Engineering and Manufacturing

Fred Akuno

Board Member

Global Health, NHC

Jack Obiero

Board Member

RE and Climate Finance

Noel Amoit

Board Member
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Households served

1 +

Energy impact


Awards to date

1 K Tn

Carbon savings

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